The Health Work Love Play Dashboard

One of the core philosophies here at Brewing FIRE is the idea of continual improvement. I am always looking for ways to make small, incremental adjustments to my life in the expectation that it will lead to major improvements over time. So when I recently came across the Health Work Love Play Dashboard in a … Read more

This Is Fine

I was searching through the storage area in my laboratory (for some masks, sigh) when I came across this box. The inscription was written by a coworker a few years ago, and references the popular cartoon/meme by KC Green. In the comic, a dog calmly sits at a table, drinks coffee, and tells himself that … Read more

The Time-Money Quotient: How to Value Your Free Time

time-money quotient

“Time is free, but it’s priceless.” Harvey Mackay Question: what has more inherent value: time, or money? It’s often stated that time is precious, mostly because it’s finite; we can’t buy more time, and one day it will run out. On the other hand, money is the lifeblood of productivity and is quite literally what … Read more

Continual Improvement 101: How to Make a Better You

continual improvement

One of the taglines of my blog is continual improvement. It’s not because it’s a cool-sounding catch phrase. It’s because the continual improvement process is a core component of my everyday life, and has been for more than 10 years. Okay, yeah- it’s a cool-sounding catch phrase, too. So what is continual improvement, what are its … Read more

Ray Dalio’s Principles Applied to Financial Independence

I must admit that I have a mild obsession with Ray Dalio. You may know Dalio as the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds on earth. But to think of him as “just some hedge fund guy” is to miss the point of much of his life’s work. Dalio stresses the … Read more

Your Career or Your Life

Last month I spent two weeks in Asia for work. I attended some technical meetings with customers in Taiwan for a week, and then I went to Japan to oversee a production trial for one of our new products. By pure coincidence, I was in Japan exactly during sakura (cherry blossom) season, which was pretty … Read more

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