13 Years a Landlord – A Postmortem on my Rental Property

thirteen years a landlord

On December 6th, I closed on the sale of my house. Not the house we have been living in the last four years, but the property I bought thirteen years ago, when I was 23 and stupid. More than a decade after this hapless journey began, I can finally close the door on this chapter … Read more

Short Pours #3: Holiday Cheer and Brett Beer

short pours

Short Pours is my short-format series of posts that will allow me to publish more frequently, and get a bit more creative with my content. Check out my introduction for more information on this series. In this edition of Short Pours, I’m going to cover my feelings concerning the Holiday Season, and figuring out what Christmas … Read more

Finding My Perfect Side Hustle

side hustles

Last week I read this excellent post from the Mad Fientist encouraging everyone to start their own business. Take a minute to read it, if you haven’t already. There is a lot of good advice on why we should start our own businesses and the various benefits of such ventures. Here at Brewing FIRE, I’ve … Read more

House Hacking Our Way to FI – The Basement Bungalow

house hacking

Approximately two years ago, my wife and I attended a party at her coworker’s house; a gathering of medical professionals such as herself. At these events, we normally split up and socialize independently. Mrs. BF and her cohorts talk about enlarged prostates and the weirdest stuff people get stuck up their asses, and I find … Read more

Continual Improvement 101: How to Make a Better You

continual improvement

One of the taglines of my blog is continual improvement. It’s not because it’s a cool-sounding catch phrase. It’s because the continual improvement process is a core component of my everyday life, and has been for more than 10 years. Okay, yeah- it’s a cool-sounding catch phrase, too. So what is continual improvement, what are its … Read more

The Cost of Homebrewing

Brewing your own beer can have numerous benefits. You can make your favorite style exactly how you like it. You can be part of a large and growing community of like-minded beer fanatics. And you always have something to bring to a party. But what is the true cost of homebrewing beer? Can you actually … Read more

Five Reasons to Start Homebrewing Today

keezer, kegerator

Beer is awesome. Making your own beer is even more awesome. I have found homebrewing to be a very rewarding hobby over the past 5 years or so I’ve been doing it. It has even led to a fun and profitable side hustle for me. But just in case you need more encouragement, here are … Read more

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