13 Years a Landlord – A Postmortem on my Rental Property

thirteen years a landlord

On December 6th, I closed on the sale of my house. Not the house we have been living in the last four years, but the property I bought thirteen years ago, when I was 23 and stupid. More than a decade after this hapless journey began, I can finally close the door on this chapter … Read more

Pay Off Debt or Invest? The Answer, in 2 Charts

pay off debt or invest

Throughout the course of human history, there have been some age-old debates: Nature vs. Nurture Free Will vs. Determinism Ketchup vs. Mustard Jordan vs. Lebron Laurel vs. Yanny Thankfully, all of these debates have already been settled (combination, free will, mustard, Lebron, and Laurel, obviously). Now, on to the debate that continues to plague the … Read more

Net Worth Update – April 2018

net worth update

Welcome to my monthly net worth update for Brewing FIRE. Each month, I will give a brief summary of our financial standing, which will serve as a progress report on our journey to financial independence. In addition to giving a snapshot of our net worth, I will compare our progress to the previous month. I … Read more

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