Homebrewing Guide for Beginners

Beginner's Guide to Homebrewing

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This page will serve as a homebrewing guide for beginners. I will give you step-by-step instructions to help you get started, and answer many of the common questions that will arise along the way.

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Is Homebrewing for Me?


Getting Started

After you’ve decided that you want to start brewing your own beer, you need to begin the education process. I can’t stress enough the importance of learning the basics of homebrewing before you have your first brew day. Until you get a firm grasp on the fundamental concepts involved, you will make shitty beer. Like, Red Dog shitty.


To get familiarized with homebrewing, I suggest you take the following steps:

  1. Start reading How to Brew by John Palmer. This is an excellent resource for beginners and advanced brewers alike. It will give you step-by-step directions for brewing your first extract, partial mash, or all-grain beer. You can also access the first edition of How to Brew for free on the web. For other great homebrewing resources, click here.
  2. Join a local Homebrew club. This directory from the AHA can help you find a club near you.
  3. Homebrew with a friend or acquaintance who has been doing it for a while. Homebrewing in general is a very social experience, and there’s something beautiful about sharing beers while making beers.



My current equipment setup


Next, you need to build your equipment set. Deciding on your brewing setup is not a trivial issue. It involves capital investment, it determines process flow of your brew day, and ultimately it may impact the degree of satisfaction that you gain from this new hobby. I created this homebrewing equipment guide to help you figure out what setup is best for you.

Once you’ve learned the basics, and put together your equipment set, it’s time to get brewing! The following sections will include posts that go into further depth on specific homebrewing topics.

The Basics of Homebrewing

  • recipe building (post to follow)
  • mashing (post to follow)
  • yeast management (post to follow)
  • water chemistry (post to follow)


Disclaimer– all information which appears on this site represents my personal opinion and recommendations. As always, there are multiple ways to skin a cat. I am presenting the methods and tips that I have accumulated over years of homebrewing. Thus, you will hopefully be able to avoid the growing pains and many mistakes that I endured during my early brewing days.

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