Net Worth Update – August 2018

net worth update

Each month, I share a net worth update for the Brewing FIRE household. This brief summary of our financial standing serves as a progress report on our journey to financial independence. In addition to giving a snapshot of our net worth, I will compare our progress to the previous month. I will also comment on … Read more

Continual Improvement 101: How to Make a Better You

continual improvement

One of the taglines of my blog is continual improvement. It’s not because it’s a cool-sounding catch phrase. It’s because the continual improvement process is a core component of my everyday life, and has been for more than 10 years. Okay, yeah- it’s a cool-sounding catch phrase, too. So what is continual improvement, what are its … Read more

Pay Off Debt or Invest? The Answer, in 2 Charts

pay off debt or invest

Throughout the course of human history, there have been some age-old debates: Nature vs. Nurture Free Will vs. Determinism Ketchup vs. Mustard Jordan vs. Lebron Laurel vs. Yanny Thankfully, all of these debates have already been settled (combination, free will, mustard, Lebron, and Laurel, obviously). Now, on to the debate that continues to plague the … Read more

Automate Your Finances to Simplify Your Life

automate finances

It started from a place of passion. It was the 2012 timeframe, and I had just begun to discover the financial independence, early retirement movement. After learning that a lifetime in a cubicle-prison was not mandatory, I became obsessed with improving my financial situation. I started working harder, slashing costs, and investing the difference as … Read more

The Brewing FIRE Investing Hierarchy

Investing Hierarchy

Welcome to the Brewing FIRE Investing Hierarchy. In this post, I will lay out the hierarchy of saving that my family follows each year as we continue on our path to financial independence. Although everyone’s situation is unique, this guide should be applicable to most people who are determining the best way to invest their … Read more

Ray Dalio’s Principles Applied to Financial Independence

I must admit that I have a mild obsession with Ray Dalio. You may know Dalio as the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds on earth. But to think of him as “just some hedge fund guy” is to miss the point of much of his life’s work. Dalio stresses the … Read more

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