Our Pandemic Home Buying Journey

For my nine loyal readers, you probably noticed that I’ve been hinting at the prospect of an imminent home purchase in my net worth updates for the past six or so months. I’ve delayed sharing the details until now because we hadn’t actually signed any legally binding contracts, and I wanted to make sure the … Read more

The Five Books That Had the Greatest Impact on Me in 2020

five books 2020

Disclaimer: there are some affiliate links here. In the unlikely event that you click a link and buy something, Jeff Bezos may throw me a few crumbs. Approximately two years ago, I stopped buying individual stocks, and moved entirely to index funds. The immediate benefit from this transition is that I had a lot more … Read more

The Health Work Love Play Dashboard

One of the core philosophies here at Brewing FIRE is the idea of continual improvement. I am always looking for ways to make small, incremental adjustments to my life in the expectation that it will lead to major improvements over time. So when I recently came across the Health Work Love Play Dashboard in a … Read more

This Is Fine

I was searching through the storage area in my laboratory (for some masks, sigh) when I came across this box. The inscription was written by a coworker a few years ago, and references the popular cartoon/meme by KC Green. In the comic, a dog calmly sits at a table, drinks coffee, and tells himself that … Read more

The Time-Money Quotient: How to Value Your Free Time

time-money quotient

“Time is free, but it’s priceless.” Harvey Mackay Question: what has more inherent value: time, or money? It’s often stated that time is precious, mostly because it’s finite; we can’t buy more time, and one day it will run out. On the other hand, money is the lifeblood of productivity and is quite literally what … Read more

Mean Reversion and Overcoming Spending Guilt

spending guilt

Sometime around 2010, I became deeply interested in my personal finances. I started to track where my money was going, and scrutinize the spending decisions I was making. When I first discovered financial independence- the idea that I could chop 30+ years off of my working career through conscious life decisions- I was elated. Spend … Read more

2019 Goals – Midyear Update

2019 Goals

Back in January, I created a list of 10 goals for 2019. I’m not normally a goal-setting type of person, but I thought it would be interesting to try out. I divided my goals into 3 categories: Financial, Business/Professional, and Personal. I tried to make them “SMART” goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound). This way … Read more

10 Goals for 2019

2019 goals

First off, New Year’s Resolutions are stupid. Why do you have to wait until you tack up the new calendar before you start trying to improve your life? When exactly in 2018 did you stop caring about making a better you? How many cookies did you eat on December 30th because you had two more … Read more

Short Pours #3: Holiday Cheer and Brett Beer

short pours

Short Pours is my short-format series of posts that will allow me to publish more frequently, and get a bit more creative with my content. Check out my introduction for more information on this series. In this edition of Short Pours, I’m going to cover my feelings concerning the Holiday Season, and figuring out what Christmas … Read more

Subscriptions: Death by a Thousand Cuts


When I was 11 years old, I signed up for the BMG Music Club. If you don’t remember the 90s, BMG and their rival, Columbia House, would offer deals such as “10 CDs for the price of 1” if you signed up for their monthly music subscriptions. So I signed up for BMG and got … Read more

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